Adrian has incredible editorial intuition. The task of nudging us ‘creative types’ to perfect and polish isn’t an easy one—and Adrian does it all with speed, skill and most importantly, respect.
— Varci Vartanian, Freelance Writer

Hi! I’m Adrian.

And I’m not your average editor.

As the editor-in-chief (and the first official employee!) of The Muse—the career and job search platform that helps millions of people figure out what they want to do and teaches them how to thrive once they get there—I built our publication and our fast-growing community from the ground up. In just over five years, I’ve recruited an incredible team of 600+ freelance writers, career experts, and lifestyle contributors, garnered awards such as Forbes Top 100 Sites for Women and Top 75 Sites for Your Career, and built our audience to 6 million+ per month.

Even more importantly, I’ve helped writers get their expertise into the world and helped readers change their lives. That should be every editor’s end goal, really—creating and sharing the best content possible with the people who need it most. It’s always been mine.

So, what can I do for you?

My mission is to help writers and companies share their authentic messages and engage with the right audiences. And I do that by:

  • Helping writers turn the ideas in their head into actionable pitches and compelling pieces

  • Consulting with companies hoping to build or refine their editorial strategy

  • Sharing what I’ve learned about content and community along the way as a speaker

If you need an extra set of eyes on your work or are eager to learn how content can work for you, feel free to get in touch using the form below.

(Note: If you have an idea specifically about The Muse, please get in touch following the instructions on this page.)

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