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As a nationally recognized career expert, I regularly speak and write on career happiness, because I sincerely believe it’s possible to love the work that we do and the life that we live. I've spoken on topics ranging from discovering your passion (hint: it’s about getting out of your head) to networking (which doesn't have to suck, I promise). Whether you're looking for an inspiring panelist or an expert for an article, I'd love to chat. 


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3 Ways to Stop Thinking About Work When You're Not There

Bringing too much work home—even if that work is just rolling around in your head—can quickly make you an anxious, sleep-deprived, pretty boring dinner guest (and, yes, I know this from experience).

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The Word That'll Save Your Sanity When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling stressed? Join me in committing to saying no to anything that’s not necessary to move your goals forward or that doesn’t add joy to your life. 

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7 Pain-Free Ways to Become a Better Writer, Starting Today

Writing, like anything else, is a skill—and the vast majority of people who publish their work weren’t born with a gift for penning viral articles or bestsellers. They’ve simply gotten better at it over time.

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Why This Consultant Quit His Job to Run 59 Marathons

Bill Sycalik was ready for a change. So he began a journey of 1,545.8 miles by foot, zig-zagging tens of thousands more by car across the country.

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3 Rules for Changing Careers (Without Losing Everything You've Worked For)

if you’re not happy, but you’re daunted by the prospect of making a career 180, I’ve been there. And I’ve identified three steps that can help you get closer to your goals.

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Myanmar: Scratch Everything You Read in the Guidebook

You can tell that Bagan, like the rest of Myanmar, is preparing for an onslaught of visitors. My advice to anyone who wants to visit is to go now, before it changes too much. But that's all the advice I'll give.

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“Adrian has this other-worldly ability to understand what you're trying to say or achieve and then pull forward the most important, most compelling or most audience engaging messaging. Her understanding of what makes people tick and what they're going to respond to is genuinely impressive.”


—Jenny Foss, JobJenny